Marcos Horacio Azevedo is a seasoned editor and filmmaker with over 15 years of experience working in international markets for highly acclaimed studios in both short and long format.  His editing work spans theatrical movie trailers, documentary films, branded content, TV spots, promos and sizzle reels.

Known for his special ability to create an entertaining and cohesive story out of diversified forms of media, in multiple languages and in a timely way, he produced more than 150 trailers for dozens of clients, to drive audience engagement and build brands. Marcos’ temperament and talents as a sound designer and motion graphics artist also make him a great creative partner who can adapt to different post-production workflows, on location or remotely.

As a highly creative and visual storyteller, Marcos can find the essence of compelling characters and craft narratives that both entertain and move viewers in long format as well. He has edited and directed documentaries using the same elegant and frame-precise approach that he uses when cutting a 30 second spot.